Candles & Gifts

Yankee Candles, Beanpod Soy Candles, Colonial tapers and Mole Hollow candles are just the start of our wide variety.

As a true candle shop, we have a candle for everyday and any occasion.  Full displays offer an extravagant array of candles and accessories.

Looking for something a little green?  Try our full line of Beanpod Soy Candles that are made from 100% natural soy wax. A paraffin free fragrant candle that's clean and healthy for the environment.

Whether you want to dress up tonight's dinner or celebrate a special occasion, try our Colonial taper and Mole Hollow hand-dipped candles for that extra classic touch.

We offer a full selection of Wreaths, Heritage Lace, Candle Sticks and accessories as well as novelty candles to make you smile.


Yankee Candle
Beanpod Soy Candle
Colonial Taper Candles
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